About Scott

At 24-years-old, Scott is one of the youngest travel journalists covering the cruise industry. He fell in love with cruising when he was only 10-years-old and since then, has incorporated his love of cruising into his everyday life. 

He launched Scott Singer Cruises (a multimedia brand) in October 2016 to share his extensive knowledge of cruising with others. In less than a year, he made waves in the industry with a worldwide audience. He has been a guest on numerous travel themed radio and television shows, guest writer for travel publications, and has received various recognitions for his YouTube videos. 

Scott's main goal is to inform and show people the wonderful world of cruising!  

Exploring the World Together

 Exploring the World Together is Scott's motto. He wants his viewers to feel as if they are onboard cruising with him! Make sure to follow Scott's social media sites to join the ever growing Scott Singer Cruises family!